West Lanyon Quoit

In 1790 a mound in this field was cleared and the remains of this Quoit were discovered. It consists of a fallen capstone 4.2m (13ft) long by 3.2m (101⁄2ft) wide propped up against one upright stone, with another broken one underneath.

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Ordnance Survey Grid Reference

SW 4231 3379


This ruined Quoit lies about 0.5 mile from Lanyon Quoit, in a sloping field to the south of the road.


There is no public access to this site and permission to visit it should be sought from Lanyon Farm.

Purpose and Meaning

Most other extant Quoits are some distance from each other, as though they were marking tribal boundaries, so the close proximity of these two (Lanyon and West Lanyon) is curious. Large deposits of bones were found when it was discovered, and possibly bronze and copper objects as well (present location unknown).