Trendrine Hill Barrows

The largest of the two barrows is a great cairn of stones 19m (62ft) across and 2.5m (8.5ft) high, now topped by an OS triangulation pillar. To the south of this is another large mound [photo above] which is 14m (46ft) in diameter and 2m (6.5 ft) high with a kerb of large stones, which include natural outcrops. Parts of an inner retaining wall are also visible as are the remains of a central cist.

Ordnance Survey Grid Reference

SW 4788 3875


From the pathway to Zennor Quoit when you reach the ruined mine house, turn left and head for Sperris Croft above. To the S of Sperris Croft are the ruined remains of Sperris Quoit [SW 4709 3825] which are worth a look. Then continue along this narrow path in a NE direction, past an Iron Age hut settlement, until you reach the top of a ridge ahead. As you come up over the ridge, the remains of two large barrows, the Trendrine Hill round barrows, become visible.

Purpose and Meaning

The view from here is magnificent, looking directly across to the rounded shape of Trevalgan Hill (known locally as Buttermilk Hill) and beyond to the great broad sweep of the Atlantic ocean. Trevalgan Hill is in a NE direction from the Trendrine Hill barrows, indicating that the barrows were purposely located here to view the sun rising out of the sea and over the hill at the midsummer solstice sunrise, a fusion of the powers of the sun God/dess at its zenith with the spirits of the dead ancestors from the barrows.