Tregeseal Barrows

The two best preserved barrows are 12.2m (40ft) & 14m (46ft) in diameter, and both about 1.5m (5ft) high. One of them has part of its kerb remaining and may have held a cist (burial urn). The other still has the remains of a stone chamber, which may have been an entrance grave. There is also another well-preserved barrow to the south at Hailglower Farm (SW 3852 3210).

Ordnance Survey Grid Reference

SW 3874 3259


North of Tregeseal Stone Circle there are a number of round barrows (SW 3874 3259, SW 3887 3252, SW 3891 3258), which can be found by taking the path from the stone circle towards Carn Kenidjack and after about 100 yards bearing right (NE) along a smaller path. The barrows will be visible ahead, and the path runs between two of the best preserved of them.


There are several ways of reaching the
circle from St.Just. Take the B3306 road
from St.Just towards St.Ives. Just outside
St.Just at the bottom of Nancherrow Hill,
there is a two way right-hand turning. You
may park here and walk up No-Go-By hill until you reach a right hand track (Kenython Lane). Walk up this track which will take you on to the moors and down to the stone circle. Alterna- tively, when you turn right at the bottom of Nancherrow Hill, continue driving for about half a mile, then take a left hand turn beside some houses and drive on for about a mile until you reach a small parking area (room for 2 cars) with a signpost to the circle. Follow the track and at a junction take the left hand fork which goes through a farm, and then on to the moors and to the circle and barrows.

Purpose and Meaning

All these barrows were part of a funerary complex, and probably held the remains of the dead ancestors of the people who built the stone circle(s).