Carn Gluze (Ballowal)

The most easterly of the group is by far and away the largest of any of the barrows. It lies 1 mile west of St.Just beside a minor road that leads off from the road to Cape Cornwall, and consists of a large unroofed structure, about 11.2m (37ft) in diameter and 3m (10ft) high). On the SW side there is an Entrance Grave built into the structure 3.3m (11ft) long & 0.9m (3ft) high, roofed by two thin stones. This Entrance Grave faces out over a dramatic seascape. The interior of the mound is much disturbed from the excavations of W.C.Borlase in 1878, but includes two cists next to the walls, which originally contained urns and cremated bones. Chapel Carn Brea can be seen from this site. Letcha Cairn (SW 3570 3025) The next barrow reached as you climb the coastal path from Cot Valley (Porth Nanvern) is on the top of the cliff at Letcha. This has a diameter of 8m (26ft) and a kerb surround of 4 remaining upright stones. There is a good view to Chapel Carn Brea.

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SW 3555 3124