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Damage report

If you have any information regarding any of the incidents below please contact us:
Tel: 01736 787186

MAY 2016 Damage to cloutie tree –one of the big branches has been nearly torn off.

MAY 2016 Damage to turf around stone near to holed stone.

MAY 2016 Soiled nappy found behind the fogou

APRIL 2016 Damage to fogou- a fire pit made in middle of fogou with logs. Also stones that constitute the wall on left hand side of entrance have been dislodged. Remedial action to be taken.


April 2016 Remains of fire in centre of site. Campers seen. Beech tree damaged and brambles have been burnt.

March 2016 Motorbikes and 4x4’s have eroded area inside circle and damaged drainage.

March 2016
Large quantity of stones pushed off top of barrow into the inside . Restored to proper position.

December 2015 Damage by cows that have accessed site and broken the gate. New gateposts erected by PAROW.
Holes dug by animals have been filled in.

Merry Maidens
October 2014
Campers discovered in the middle of the stone circle, stones being used for drying washing and small amounts of rubbish and firewood left behind.

A small hole was found in the turf by one of the stones which looks like it was possibly dug by a metal detectorist.

Madron Baptistry.

October 2013 Pipes to baptistry are blocked and water is not flowing. Wood needs coppicing and ditches need clearing. Bolitho's have been notified but have not responded.

Men an Tol.
September 2013
10 x 4 inch holes have been cut into the 
ground around the site plus a couple of much larger holes thought to be the work of metal dectorists! The damage which is reckoned to have occurred 1-3 weeks ago has now been made good.

Lesingey round.
October 2013
An Ash tree was chopped down in August, no further damage. Police were notified.

Madron Baptistry.

July 2012 "Extensive damage to Madron Baptistry occured on Sunday July 29th 2012, when the site was vandalised. Stones were wrenched from the wall behind the altar, destabilising it, and the stones were then flung into the well recess and all around the Baptistry. Local people are angry and upset at what has happened, and the matter has been reported to the police. In the past, there has been vandalism at this site from local youths, but this later incident is the worst that has been there."
Click here for photos of damage

Boscawen-un circle.
August 2008 :
Small fire under Central stone that rests at bottom is blackened. Large stone at side scorched on one side.

Chun Castle.
October 2010:
A large quantity of nearby rocks have been pushed into well & are too big to be easily removed.

July 2008:
Rocks thrown into well but have been removed.
June 2012:
The water supply at Madron well has been deliberately blocked with stones.

Merry Maidens.
July 2009:
Damage to stone at left of entrance but has been repaired.
March 2010:
Fire damage- no permanent harm.
March 2011:
Scorch marks under N.E stone, small pieces of tin found buried. Tin removed-no permanent damage.

Sancreed Well.
March 2010-May 2010:
Granite stones surrounding site removed from field and holes left filled with rubbish, possibly some asbestos? Environment Agency informed.

Tregeseal Holed Stone.
May 2010
: N.W Stone fallen , cause unknown.
Update MAY 2012: The stone has now been repaired and re-erected

Tregeseal Circles.
June 2009:
5 stones loosened with 2 badly destabilised.
June 2010: Vandalism to fences ansd stones.
July 2011: Stones 2/13 and 14 slightly loose, stone 19 and 35 leaning.
December 2011: Stone 10 leaning- needs permanent stabilisation. Meetings ongoing with English Heritage and other interested parties who are monitoring the situation closely .Work to be undertaken to pemanently stabilise some of the stones.Cattle grazing in the vicinity an ongoing issue.

Madron Baptistry 'Talisman'

Another resin 'talisman' of the kind that had been buried at the Men An Tol was discovered on one of the walls of Madron Baptistry.

Madron Well Area Vandalism

Vandalism to the Madron Chapel path reported. A tree was found to have been daubed with a message and 'magic mushrooms' motif in blue paint. The stone stile on the path and a stone beside the path had also been daubed.

Tree    Stile

Men an Tol Buried ‘Talismans’

Two more resin ‘talismans’ discovered and removed from the Men an Tol.
They had been buried in front of the two upright stones in East & West alignment. They are thought to have been buried during the night of the 13th / 14th as they were not in place when the site was inspected during the day on the 13th.


Click on the links below to view each image

East talisman in situ   East talisman removed   West talisman in situ   West talisman removed

Men-An-Tol Burried ‘Talismans’ & Stone Burning

Disturbed ground reported at the Men an Tol. Two patches of disturbed turf found approximately 7 inches in diameter to the North and South of the holed stone.

Beneath these turf patches were found and removed two hexagonal blocks of resin approximately 3 inches across and 1.5 inches deep containing what appears to be 4 different metal shavings, seeds a stone and copper coil/spiral.

There was also a small blackened burnt patch discovered on the upper south side of the holed stone.


Removed talisman 1   Removed talisman 2   Burnt patch on holed stone

Zennor Quoit – breakage of internal stones

Small stones inside Zennor Quoit had been found smashed into pieces and used to spell out messages.

Boscawen-Un Burnt Ground

A patch of burnt ground discovered to the North outside the circle approximately 14 inches in diameter. The burnt patch discovered on the 11th found to have been turfed over.


Returfed burnt patch   New burnt patch

Boscawen-Un Burnt Ground

Area of burnt ground approximately 2-3 feet in diameter found to the east of the King Stone.

‘Strimming’ found to have been done around the stones, lichens removed from the bases of the stones as a result

Lesingey Round Camping & Littering

Campers at Lesingey Round had spread litter and rubbish about the site and dug a large fire pit. The site was later cleared by the owner after the campers had left.

Merry Maidens Stones Attacked

The tops of ten of the nineteen stones were found to have been struck; possibly with a hammer; resulting in small chunks being struck away from the stones.


Hammer blow 1   Hammer blow 2   Hammer blow 3   Hammer blow 4   Hammer blow 5

Boscawen-Un Bench

A bench was found to have been erected against the hedge to the North West of  Boscawen-Un circle. The construction consisted of two sections of telegraph pole sunk into the ground with a plank fixed across them. The bench was removed and the holes filled in.


Bench photo 1   Bench photo 2   Bench photo 3

Men an Tol, Maen Scryfa & Nine Maidens Christian Stake Damage

Wooden stake found driven into the ground at Men an Tol site. Stake removed. Stakes also removed from Maen Scryfa site and Nine Maidens site. Stones heavily doused with red wine, stakes inscribed with “JESUS” and biblical text:

"Jesus' name above all"


Men an Tol stake in situ   Men an Tol stake removed   Men an Tol stake off site   Maen Scryfa stake in situ

Maen Scryfa stake removed   Maen Scryfa stake off site   Nine Maidens stake in situ   Nine Maidens stake removed

Nine Maidens stake off site   Men an Tol wine stain

Sancreed Well Christian Stake Damage

Stake found at Sancreed Well with signs of impact damage to stones in the Baptistry.
Stake removed on 21/03/07 found to be inscribed with “JESUS” and biblical text:

"Jesus' name above all names" and "King of kings and lord of lords"


Sancreed stake in situ   Sancreed stake off site

Merry Maidens Christian Stake Damage

Stake found driven into the ground in the centre of the Merry Maidens. Stones had also been doused with red wine. Stake removed on 02/03/07 and found to be inscribed with “JESUS” along with biblical text, two more stakes found at the Pipers inscribed “JESUS”.

Biblical inscription found on Merry Maidens stake:

"Look upon Zion, the city of our solemnities: thine eyes shall see Jerusalem
a quiet habitation, a tabernacle that shall not be taken down; not one of
the stakes thereof shall ever be removed, neither shall any of the cords
thereof be broken."

Isaiah Ch 33 v 20


Stake in situ   Stake removed   Stake off site   Stakes from Pipers off site

Boscawen-Un Christian Stake Damage
Stakes found at Boscawen-Un. Stones had also been doused with red wine.
Stakes removed (three in total) on 21/03/07 all found to be inscribed with “JESUS”


King stone stake in situ     Mother stone stake in situ   Boscawen Un stakes off site

These next reports have no dates as to when they were discovered all have been reported in 2007

Lanyn Quoit – unwanted/harmful activity

Tour guides for ‘Haggis Enterprises’ found to have been climbing on top of the capstone to deliver ‘lectures’

Nine Maidens – damage to stones

Large rocks appear to have been taken to the circle and used to strike at least four of the stones. Stone ‘weapons’ left on site.